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By Ethical 28 Dec, 2021

Clinical Experts Committees: Ethical extends its focus and capabilities in 2021/22

2021 was a productive year for Ethical. Not only our platform and service were able to support trials in all therapeutic areas, we also extended our portfolio by adding new capabilities to the current products and are working hard to launch early in 2022 a new platform: eDSMB® focused on DSMB/ DMC, Ethical and Steering Committees management.

Our platform and service supported trials of all therapeutic areas:

For biopharmaceutical companies, CROs, and academic organizations, we have configured and hosted large and small studies on our eReconciliation® and eAdjudication® platforms in therapeutic areas as varied as infectious diseases, cardiology, multiple sclerosis, pulmonary hypertension or respiratory tract diseases.

Ethical is also proud to have played its part in the development of Covid-19 vaccines with our eAdjudication® software and managed service solution, supporting and coordinating the remote blinded assessment of clinical events by renowned pulmonologists, virologists and other experts around the world.

Software extensions further simplifying works of clinical trial teams:

a. We extended eAdjudication® with a DICOM/PACS functionality and a Zoom Meetings connector to facilitate image review and meetings management.

clinical DICOM images adjudication

Fitted with the lightweight Orthanc Server and a convenient and fully equipped DICOM image viewer, the DICOM/PACS extension simplifies the sharing and review of DICOM images by expert committees. The Zoom connector integration extends the eAdjudication® meeting capabilities by allowing to send Zoom invitations directly from within the platform and to automatically file video or audio recordings and transcriptions along with the other meeting documents.

b. We enhanced the automation capacity of eReconciliation®

Our software specially designed to save time and simplify the SAE data reconciliation operations management. The enhanced automation optimizes the use of the software in studies with very high volumes of SAE data.

A new eDeviation® software for the management of protocol deviations:

zoom connector adjudication

We launched eDeviation®, our new software designed to simplify the protocol deviation assessment and management process

The platform allows clinical trial sponsors, CROs and ECs/IRBs to manage all the protocol deviations of a given trial in a single repository and assess them electronically in a blinded or unblinded way. By keeping track of all the operations performed in the system, the platform also helps to minimize the quality risk associated to protocol deviations. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank-you, our clients, for your continued trust in our company and extend our very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. Looking forward to a productive 2022!

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