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Discover How Ethical "Reviewer-friendly" design simplifies your Work

With Ethical’s eAdjudication® software platform, Central Endpoint Committee (CEC) members spend time making adjudication assessments instead of wasting time looking for Event Data or Medical Records. Clinical Reviewers are able to work online from any location, with any device, in a very fast and intuitive environment that needs only limited training. The system provides easy access to Event Packages from a single window optimized for use with mobile devices. Well-designed Adjudication Forms, available in the same page as the event information, facilitate sound and fast decision making.

As a Committee Member You need fast access to Event Information, well designed Adjudication Forms and a simplified way to manage your Workload. Time is your most valuable asset.

eAdjudication® platform focuses on the process of making Adjudication Assessments. The software can dynamically assign events to reviewers and send alerts for required actions. It allows Reviewers to send queries to staff and/or sites to request “more data”, it can detect Minor and Major disagreements and, if required, automatically escalate to Consensus Meetings or to different Disagreement Resolution steps.

A complete set of Features to Take Care of Your  Expert Contribution

Single View of all the Events' Workload

View all assigned events on a single page and know in a glance if there are any outstanding tasks assigned to you. Never miss a deadline, never lose a minute.

Simplified Event's Package Review

Package review made easy by simplifying the tasks to the exact requirements of the adjudication charter. No need to verify what is expected every time you open a review. It is all right there for you.

Assessment Forms Specifically Designed from the Charter

All assessment forms are designed based on the specific approved adjudication charter. No recycling of old studies or repurposing of previous forms.

Limited Training in a dedicated Qualification Environment

An exact replica of the actual environment is made available and allows for easy, quick and relevant training to get your hands on the tool. You will be ready to perform your tasks in just a few minutes.

Discover How eAdjudication® Helps Endpoint Committee Members

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DOWNLOAD Ethical's complete Endpoint Adjudication Charter Guide

Request your FREE copy of the Adjudication Charter Guide built by Ethical after reviewing more than 20 study charters. Adjudication charters are a key element for the setup of quality Adjudication procedures and have been developed in various formats.

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Training the Endpoint Adjudication Committee Members

It comes to the sponsor to ensure that EAC members are adequately trained (and occasionally re-trained) in the procedures and approaches of the particular study.

Training the Endpoint Adjudication CommitteeREAD MORE

Managing disagreement in Endpoint Adjudication

When experts disagree, it is not always easy to know who is right or even if anyone is right. In the academic world debate and disagreement feed the science and many times new ideas emerge from debate and break barriers that seemed solid up to that point.

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