Endpoint Adjudication for Trials Leaders and Project Managers

Make Your Trial Team’s Work Faster, Easier, More Accurate and Your Timelines and Costs More Predictable

Working online in real time with the cloud-based eAdjudication® platform, the entire clinical team interacts accurately and efficiently in an easy-to-use, bias-free, GxP-compliant environment. Ethical’s technical staff takes care of all hosting, technical management, GxP validation, training, and support operations, leaving your endpoint adjudication (EA) staff the freedom to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.

Clinical Trial Leaders' and Project Managers' job requires a level of control that translates into “no surprises” and “no risks”.

Trial Leaders need to monitor the status of all events and providers to maintain control of timelines, a real-time access to event status to manage risk, and confidence in total cost of ownership forecast that avoids unexpected software-related costs.

How eAdjudication® supports Clinical Trial Leaders and Project Managers in conducting Successful Endpoint Adjudication Studies

eAdjudication® is much more than just a cloud-based, single-purpose, stand-alone enterprise technology platform that is easy to use and integrate. Ethical is lean and agile. We know what our costs are, and we provide a real, pre-defined total cost of ownership for your EA engagement. For that, we apply strict charter compliance on every identified workflow, as well as complete adjudication management oversight. It is a faster and less risky way to work.

Ethical’s eAdjudication® Staff and Services provide Trial Leaders with a toolkit of professional capabilities that can be selected and assembled to suit each organizational scenario in all phases and processes associated with Endpoint Adjudication Studies: from the design of the adjudication charter to final regulatory submission.

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Endpoint Adjudication Charter Analysis
Adjudication Charter Analysis & Features' Mapping
Adjudication Study User Requirements Specifications
U.R.S Definition and Software Validation
CEC Member Training
CEC Members Training, Oversight and Alerting
Adjudication Operations Oversight
Study Operations Oversight and Quality Control
Data and Documents Integration Traking and Exports
Study Outcomes Reporting to Staff and  Sponsors
Adjudication Study Closure and Data Submission
Study Closure and Data Submission Packages

Discover How eAdjudication® Helps Clinical Trial Leaders

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DOWNLOAD Ethical's complete Endpoint Adjudication Charter Guide

Request your FREE copy of the Adjudication Charter Guide built by Ethical after reviewing more than 20 study charters. Adjudication charters are a key element for the setup of quality Adjudication procedures and have been developed in various formats.

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Endpoint Adjudication: eAdjudication improved Efficiency and Quality of Actelion SERAPHIN Clinical Trial

Using an online eAdjudication portal for our SERAPHIN study endpoints assessment improved the efficiency of the data collection and the quality of our processes, allowing a timely completion of the study.

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Endpoint Adjudication Committees: Uppsala Clinical Research UCR provides its Feedback on eAdjudication

Uppsala Clinical Research Center (UCR), a top Academic Research Organization based in Sweden, shares its experience in using eAdjudication platform to manage the central assessment of Clinical Trial Endpoints (CEC).

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