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Uppsala Clinical Research Center - Sweden (UCR)
Pernilla Holmgren - Coordinator Clinical Endpoint Committee

“With the eAdjudication® Endpoint Adjudication Process, documentation and information are managed 100% by the web-based system without any paperwork. 

The CEC members can log in to eAdjudication service at any time and at any place. 
This is very efficient, and we have a great overview of the event status, submission, and adjudication.”

Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Loïc, Director, Global Post-Approval Studies Global Medical Affairs

"Using an online eAdjudication® portal for our SERAPHIN study endpoints assessment improved the efficiency of the data collection and the quality of our processes, allowing a timely completion of the study.”

“On-line management of Adjudication allowed rapid assessments of the study endpoints and greatly facilitated the work of the external clinical experts. The tool provided them an integrated quality-controlled environment and all the information and forms required to assess the submitted endpoints.”

SCCR - Stanford Center for Clinical Research Case Study

Stanford Center for Clinical Research Adopts Ethical eAdjudication® Cloud-Based Platform

The Stanford Center for Clinical Research (SCCR), the academic research organization (ARO) housed within Stanford University’s Department of Medicine, has adopted Ethical Clinical’s eAdjudication® cloud-based platform to manage the central assessment of clinical trial endpoints by an independent Clinical Endpoint Committee.

UCR - Uppsala Clinical Research Center

Academic Research Organization UCR Uppsala Clinical Research Center Adopted Ethical eAdjudication® to Provide Endpoint Adjudication Services

The overarching objective of UCR as an Academic Research Organization (ARO) is to develop and enhance health and medical care by providing service in clinical research, clinical trials, quality registries, and quality development.

Actelion Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Actelion Pharmaceuticals and Ethical eAdjudication®

Actelion Pharmaceuticals implemented eAdjudication® as an important instrument for the key phase in clinical trials, clinical events management. eAdjudication® has been used by Actelion Pharmaceuticals for events submission, reviews by the CEC Committee members and independent online adjudication of the cases.

Make Your Endpoint Adjudication Trial Stakeholders’ Work Easier, Faster, and More Accurate

The eAdjudication® platform is a better way to execute on the promise of endpoint adjudication (EA). Working online in real-time through the eAdjudication® platform, study teams, committee members and their clinical organizations interact accurately and effectively in an easy to use, bias-free GxP-compliant environment - freed from time-consuming, costly and error-prone paper and manual processes.

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Using this real-time smart reporting page, Adjudication Coordinators are able to find all the information and data that they need to monitor and manage the operations.

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