Clinical Trials Sponsors and Endpoint Adjudication

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Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Companies are sometimes managing their Endpoint Adjudication Studies by themselves without involving a CRO or ARO. In such cases they may decide to select the Endpoint Committee Members from their Therapeutic Area Opinion Leaders community and/or to engage their own staff for the operational part of the study. Alternatively, they can choose to delegate such roles to a specialized provider able to assist their Trial Leaders in performing their study's operations in the most effective and compliant way.

Challenges that Clinical Sponsors face when Managing Endpoint Adjudication Studies internally

Operations Design and Oversight, Quality Control, and Regulatory Compliance are common areas of expertise of Clinical Trial Sponsors. However, these can become a real challenge for the effective, timely and successful accomplishment of an Endpoint Adjudication Study when different players are involved, each with their own SOPs and Data Management Solutions.

How eAdjudication® supports Efficiency and Compliance of Endpoint Adjudication Studies run directly by Clinical Sponsors

eAdjudication® is much more than just a cloud-based, single-purpose, stand-alone enterprise technology platform that is easy to use and integrate. In addition, Ethical can take care of Software Configuration, Data Management, Operations Performance and Quality Process Guidance. With limited training, study teams, committee members and staff interact effectively and efficiently in a 21 CFR Part 11- and ISO 27001- compliant environment.  

Ethical’s eAdjudication® Staff and Services provide Trial Sponsors with a toolkit of professional capabilities that can be selected and assembled to suit each organizational scenario in all phases and processes associated with Endpoint Adjudication Studies: from the design of the adjudication charter to final regulatory submission.

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Endpoint Adjudication Charter Analysis
Adjudication Charter, Study and SOPs Design
Adjudication Study User Requirements Specifications
Software Validation, Quality Management, and Control
CEC Member Training
CEC Panel Selection, Training, and Oversight
Adjudication Operations Oversight
Study Operations Management and Monitoring
Data and Documents Integration, Traking and Exports
Study Outcomes Reporting for Staff and Management
Adjudication Study Closure and Data Submission
Study Closure and Data Submission Packages

Discover How eAdjudication® Supports Clinical Trial Sponsors

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