Let your Endpoint Adjudication Team and Committee Work Faster, Easier, and More Accurate

Improve Endpoint Adjudication with an Effective eAdjudication® Software Solution

Ethical GmbH created cloud-based eAdjudication® software not as a data management afterthought, but as a prime driver for better data quality, faster consensus among clinical reviewers and earlier completion of trials. eAdjudication® software, integration and training come bundled as an all-inclusive service, making this stand-alone enterprise technology platform easier to integrate, learn and use.

Avoid Common Hidden Costs and Timeline Breaches in Your Endpoint Adjudication Study with the Innovative, All-Inclusive, Managed Software Service

The eAdjudication® Managed Software Service is the most efficient way for Endpoint Adjudication (CEC) Management. Working with the eAdjudication® platform and Ethical's Staff, study teams, committee members and clinical organizations interact effectively online in real-time in an user-friendly, and GxP-compliant environment, avoiding time-consuming, costly and error-prone manual processes.

Accelerating Your CEC Adjudication Trial Success: For ARO's, CRO's or Clinical trial Sponsors

Whether you are an ARO, CRO or clinical trial Sponsor, eAdjudication® services can expertly and efficiently handle your demanding CEC Adjudication software and data management needs.

eAdjudication® all-inclusive services streamline the integration and adoption of EA software throughout eClinical organizations. With data and processes freed from bias and human error, clinical trials can improve study quality, foster more reliable decision-making and save time and money.

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For Academic Research Organizations

Academic research organizations want the same benefits that larger businesses seek from EA software - the speed and lower costs that flow from more efficient work processes, more reliable data and more confident decision-making. eAdjudication® software services will deliver those benefits, plus a more flexible approach, scaled to your budget needs.


For Clinical Research Organizations

eAdjudication® software integrates easily with your existing data management platform - quickly, flawlessly and at any stage of your program. Our software platform helps you design, manage, monitor and report with certainty on every aspect of a clinical trial required by sponsors.


For Clinical Trial Sponsors

The eAdjudication® software platform streamlines the endpoint adjudication process from faster start to earlier finish. Sponsors can have more confidence in the efficient adjudication process, quality data free from bias or human error, with real-time results accessible to all authorized parties to expedite critical decisions.


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DOWNLOAD Ethical's complete Endpoint Adjudication Charter Guide

Request your FRE copy of the Adjudication Charter Guide built by Ethical after reviewing more than 20 study charters. Adjudication charters are a key element for the setup of quality Adjudication procedures and have been developed in various formats.

Event Adjudication Charter GuideREAD MORE

Ethical integrates Smart Redaction Technology to eAdjudication Platform

Redaction technology improves the functionality of eAdjudication® by allowing to selectively hide information on source and administrative documents.

Ethical integrates Smart Redaction Technology to eAdjudication SoftwareREAD MORE

Training the Endpoint Adjudication Committee Members

It comes to the sponsor to ensure that EAC members are adequately trained (and occasionally re-trained) in the procedures and approaches of the particular study.

Training the Endpoint Adjudication CommitteeREAD MORE