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By Ethical 20 Oct, 2021

New in eAdjudication: the Zoom Meetings Connector to save time and enhance GxP compliance

Ethical has upgraded eAdjudication® with an innovative Zoom connector that allows to streamline the management of endpoint adjudication meetings, and safely and conveniently file meeting recordings and transcriptions within the platform. Added to the platform meeting tool, the Zoom connector supports the GxP-compliance of adjudication meetings organized as part of clinical trials management.


The clinical endpoint adjudication process involves many important meetings such as kick-offs, experts training and consensus meetings. The proper planning, preparation, conduct and follow-up of those adjudication meetings is part of the quality management of the study and can become an additional challenge for clinical teams who therefore need solutions to prepare them quickly and efficiently, and keep all related documents in a safe and easily accessible repository. 

Create the Zoom Meeting link directly from within the platform

eAdjudication® is fitted with a planning tool designed to minimize the burden associated with adjudication meetings management. A pre-loaded template makes it easy to set-up meetings, invite attendees and attach the agenda or, in the case of a consensus meeting, include the list of cases to be discussed. With the Zoom Meetings connector, organizers create the Zoom Meeting link directly from within the platform without having to switch between applications when planning meetings. The link is automatically attached to the invitation and attendees receive all necessary information in a single email.

zoom connector adjudication

Easily store all your adjudication meetings documentation and improve GxP compliance

From their meeting list view within eAdjudication®, the adjudicators, clinical team members and adjudication coordinator easily access all past and planned meetings. Within each meeting page, users can see and download all the information and attachments related to that meeting. Thanks to the Zoom connector, the audio and video recordings are automatically filed along with the other documents in the meeting page, providing easy access to all the necessary information for writing reports or documenting the important decisions related to the trial endpoint adjudication.

Keep track of all your adjudication meetings activity with the audit trail and statistics

The eAdjudication® Zoom connector completes an already quite comprehensive meeting tool. It is worth reminding the audit trail that records the history of each adjudication meeting, tracking for example documents versions or date changes, as well as statistics such as time spent per adjudicator on cases and in meetings, helping clinical teams manage the workload of busy experts and plan payments.

zoom connector adjudication

zoom connector adjudication

In summary, with the Zoom Connector, Ethical continues enhancing the eAdjudication® platform to facilitate the management of all meetings held as part of the endpoint adjudication process. Users will continue to save lots of time in meeting preparation and follow-up by being able to manage even more of their adjudication meetings activities from within the platform. Furthermore, they keep a trace of all their meetings activity with minimum effort, and meeting outcomes, recordings, and attached documents are easily accessible in a single place for reference and future use. 


Future innovations to note

Ethical is working on adding connectors with other widely used conferencing platforms such as MS Teams Connector and Google Meets Connector for clients who want to have a choice in the conferencing platform they want to use.


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