Endpoint Adjudication in Clinical Trials

Adjudication is a process, used in Clinical Trials, to add a higher level of certainty to Safety and Efficacy Assessments by overcoming the potential bias of local Investigators judgements.

Inconsistency or bias can seep into trial data in some fairly common circumstances - When clinical trial endpoints are subjective, image-based or complex to assess... When some study components are unblinded... Or when the trial is a multicenter study across multiple countries with cultural differences. That’s when an independent and objective Endpoint Adjudication Committee (CEC) can help you resolve elements of uncertainty, reduce bias, increase accuracy, and improve data quality and integrity.

Why an Independent Event Adjudication Committee is so Important?

An endpoint is any event that might indicate if the treatment being studied has had either an adverse or a positive effect on the condition being treated - or on the safety of the patient. Determining safety and efficacy depends on accurate assessment of endpoints based on unbiased data. The best way to ensure that accuracy is to introduce an adjudication process that will be implemented by an independent and objective endpoint committee. The Adjudication process is the best way proven to eliminate bias, increase accuracy, restore confidence in data and reduce risk to patients.
“Helps reduce the varied outcomes and events - a benefit that can be especially helpful during regulatory review” [American Heart Journal, March 2017, p 78].

However, endpoint adjudication tied to paper processes adds complexity and increases study costs especially because of the onerous and time-consuming management, handling and transfer of paper source documents. It has become clear that endpoint adjudication cannot be efficiently executed without the use of electronic adjudication technology like the Ethical eAdjudication® Solution

eAdjudication for Endpoint Adjudication: Scalable and Cost-efficient Solution

How eAdjudication helps Independent Committees

Endpoint Adjudication committee assessments using the eAdjudication® software and services platform help ensure that trial data is as accurate and free of bias as possible.

eAdjudication for Endpoint Adjudication

Adjudication FDA / EMA Regulations and Guidelines

Before submitting data to the FDA and EMA, we will help you determine exactly what you should have in place.

Ethical eAdjudication for Endpoint Adjudication

CEC Adjudication Tools, Resources and Templates

We have assembled a useful repository of links to useful resources to you on your Endpoint Adjudication exploration.


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Request your FREE copy of the Adjudication Charter Guide built by Ethical after reviewing more than 20 study charters. Adjudication charters are a key element for the setup of quality Adjudication procedures and have been developed in various formats.

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CEC Adjudication: Regulators, what do they think? #1: FDA

 In the vast majority of cases, the studies are intended for a regulatory submission seeking marketing authorization for our drugs. So, what do regulators think about CEC Endpoint adjudication?

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Endpoint Adjudication Coordinator

The endpoint adjudication coordinator is the key person ensuring a smooth and compliant conduct of the adjudication process during a clinical trial.

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