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We are advocates of the Endpoint Adjudication (EA) process. We are also advocates of our technical approach to EA: the eAdjudication® software and services platform. We devote a lot of time and effort to communicating about developments in the field of EA and the industry that has evolved to support it - because, ultimately, we are also advocates for the success of our customers, their trials and the outcomes of the patients in those trials.

Useful Things to Know about Endpoint Adjudication and How We Can Help You Succeed

Endpoint Adjudication Definitions, Procedures and Tools

By Mimmo Garibbo - Ethical GmbH - April, 2018 
A list of terms and definitions related to the Clinical Endpoints Adjudication. 
This Blog article should be read in conjunction with the Endpoint Adjudication of Events Charter Template and the Endpoint Adjudication Data for Submission to FDA & EMA


Endpoint Adjudication Charter Template

By Mimmo Garibbo - Ethical GmbH - February, 2018
Endpoint adjudication is gaining importance in the industry, however, no guidance on endpoint adjudication exists. In order to shed light on endpoint adjudication, the LinkedIn Endpoint Adjudication Professional Group generated an Events Charter Template.


Endpoint Adjudication Data for Submission to FDA & EMA

By Mimmo Garibbo - Ethical GmbH - April, 2018 
This article, dedicated to the Endpoint Adjudication Data for Submission to FDA & EMA, describes how to get started pointing out which processes should be in place before starting and what should be included in the Package.


How eAdjudication® Software and Services Continue to Improve eTools for EA

How KSI® Blockchain Technology Improves Quality and Data 

By Mimmo Garibbo - Ethical GmbH - May, 2018
Ethical eAdjudication® implements Guardtime KSI-Blockchain® Signature as a proof-of-evidence for data integrity and time of its eClinical Audit Trail Records.


Endpoint Adjudication: Effects on Bias, Variability, Sample Size 

By Mimmo Garibbo - Ethical GmbH Director - mimmo.garibbo@ethical.ch 16 May, 2016 <br>
Effects of central adjudication in bias, variability, sample size and study power. Ethical's Sponsor Speech at the CBI Endpoint Adjudication 2016 Event. May 4-5, 2016 | Philadelphia, PA


Reviewers Inter-Variability Quality Control

By Mimmo Garibbo - Ethical GmbH Director - July, 2015 
The Readers Inter Variability, calculated as a Discordance Rate among the Adjudication Committee Reviewers assessments, is a key indicator for Quality Control of the Endpoint Adjudication.


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The Adjudication Coordinator Dashboard, a feature of eAdjudication is the tool that every staff member would love to have

Using this real-time smart reporting page, Adjudication Coordinators are able to find all the information and data that they need to monitor and manage the operations.


Endpoint Adjudication: using MediData Rave Medical Records in eAdjudication

A technical approach to transfer Events and Medical Records from the Medidata Rave EDC platform to eAdjudication Software for Clinical Endpoint Adjudication.


Endpoint Adjudication: New Survey Shows Quality is Driving Adoption 

a survey has been conducted evaluating endpoint adjudication adoption in the clinical trials industry. We discovered that professionals were not up to speed on eClinical eAdjudication solutions, and those that did not adopt eAdjudication solutions experienced operational issues.