eAdjudication® Study Database Designer: real economies of scale

Create, configure and manage your endpoint adjudication studies's Databases by yourselves on your dedicated eAdjudication® platform.

Building on our extensive experience working with many different adjudication charters and our understanding of the recurring features, we have developed the study designer tool that allows you to create, configure and manage independently your endpoint adjudication studies.
Does your organization have recurring and simple adjudication charters specifications and sufficient IT skills allowing you to administer your platform? Study designer could be fit for you.

A four-step deployment process that will ensure the success of your clinical adjudication study.

We set-up your  eAjudication® platform environments

Ethical teams can quickly set-up a customer-specific platform, with the two validation and production environments, either in our fully managed cloud or in your private data center.
As many studies as needed can then be created in this same platform

We train your staff to create studies and editing templates

Our specialists will train your staff (IT and study  managers) on how to create, configure and test new studies whether from the beginning or from templates previously created

Your staff create and test a study in the UAT validation environment

When it is time to set-up a new study, your internal staff creates and tests it in the UAT validation environment. Once the project owners have cleared UAT, users can be trained and reviewers can be qualified

The new study is  then deployed in production
The adjudication starts 

Ethical will replicate exactly the set-up in the production environment and ensure its integrity. You are ready to go. Always stay in control and be sure to meet your timelines with eAdjudication® Study Designer

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