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Our Job Is to Make Yours Easier. Step One: An All-Inclusive Set of Software Services That Streamline the Process of Bringing the eAdjudication® Platform Online for Endpoint Adjudication Teams 

Ethical designed the eAdjudication® software platform to be easier for study teams and endpoint adjudication (EA) committee members to learn and use. No surprise, we also developed an all-inclusive set of services that makes it easier to install, integrate, adapt, document, and access help whenever needed. The eAdjudication® platform services include hosting, technical management, validation, training, and support. We also made it more attractive for sponsors with a clear total-cost-of-ownership approach that eliminates the hidden costs often associated with traditional software models.

A Multi-Study All-Inclusive Solution Designed for Ease of Use and Ownership

The eAdjudication® multi-study platform enables study teams, committee members, and their clinical organizations to interact accurately and effectively online and in real time. They do so in a completely supported, easy-to-use, bias-free, GxP-compliant environment, freed from time-consuming, costly, and error-prone paper and manual processes. In addition, the clear total-cost-of-ownership—with unlimited user software licenses—eliminates unexpected costs often associated with software pricing models.

Ethical eAdjudication® Software Platform

The eAdjudication® software platform supports Endpoint Adjudication acting as a central hub and repository of Clinical Events, collecting medical records directly from trial sites and/or integrating into several clinical platforms, including EDC, safety databases, DICOM/PACS Clinical Imaging Databases and more.


Endpoint Adjudication Charter Configuration

The Ethical staff takes the full responsibility of configuring and deliver your eAdjudication® software with custom assessment forms and workflows to map your adjudication charter, the key document that lays out all adjudication principles, processes, procedures, roles, actions, guidelines, and goals supporting your regulatory submission. No need for training and long learning curves.

Training and Quality Documentation

Ethical has designed eAdjudication® software to be easy to use and to include user training as a standard component, testing in a clone stage environment, providing GxP software validation package documentation, and supporting Changes Management throughout the clinical trial’s duration to submission and conclusion.


ISO/IEC 27001 Cloud Hosting and Technical Management

Ethical Staff takes complete operational responsibility for the cloud-based software system’s operation, as well as complete technical management of the adjudication study’s ISO/IEC 27001 cloud-hosting servers and databases.


Integrated Staff and Help Desk Support 

Promises are one thing, commitment is another. Ethical backs the promise of the eAdjudication® multi-study platform with integrated support by staff and/or online help desk. 24/7 available on request.

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