When is Adjudication Useful?

By Ethical 06 Nov, 2019

When Is Clinical Adjudication Useful?

Adjudication adds complexity and cost to a clinical study. As a result, clinical leaders often hesitate to add adjudication to the already complex and costly processes mandated by regulations and good clinical practice (GCP). However, should “ adjudicate or not adjudicate? “ remain the question today?

The complexity and cost of clinical studies are steadily rising. Documents have become larger than in the past and their number has increased; procedures have become more complex and require more human, technical and financial resources; finally, timelines are harder to meet. In this context, it is legitimate for a clinical leader to see an adjudication process as the “pebble that may sink the ship”.

When it comes to clinical endpoints or patient eligibility, clinical leaders rightfully hesitate before crossing the Rubicon of adjudication.

Except of course when the procedure is mandated by a regulatory agency which, in fact, happens more and more often. Therefore, rather than wondering if you should “adjudicate or not” why not ask yourselves: “how to get the most value at the right cost from our adjudication?”.

You will have a better chance of  coming up with a helpful solution such as using a performing e-adjudication platform.


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