Ethical upgrades Endpoint Adjudication Study Designer

By Ethical 21 Jan, 2020

Ethical upgrades eAdjudication Study Designer for Endpoint Adjudication Committees

We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded the eAdjudication® study designer functionality to be able to satisfy the requests of customers who want to create, configure and manage their endpoint studies by themselves on their own dedicated eAdjudication® platform.

Does your organization have recurring and simple adjudication charters formats and the necessary IT skills to administer your platform by yourselves?

The upgraded study designer could be fit for you.

So, how does study designer work? As a customer, you can set up libraries of studies and adjudication forms and use these as templates to create new studies.
You can manage the whole process by yourselves, without turning to Ethical to perform those tasks.

You can for example replicate a study in the exact same format as a previous or ongoing study.
You can also use parts (e.g Adjudication Forms) of previous and current studies when creating a new study.

In both cases you will be saving time and efforts in testing and validation.
Consequently, you will be able to leverage economies of scale.

We deploy this configuration in the four following steps:

  • We set up your dedicated eAdjudication® platform on Ethical’s managed cloud or on your own data center.
  • We train your staff to design studies by editing templates and performing configuration.
  • Your staff independently creates studies in the UAT validation environment for testing, training and reviewers’ qualification.
  • Your newsly created study is deployed in the production environment. You are now ready to start your adjudication operations.

The Ethical team developed Study Designer based on our extensive experience with many different adjudication charters and noting recurring features, and our deep understanding of customers’ needs. With the upgraded study designer, we are introducing a “customer-managed” provisioning model appropriate for organizations that use standard adjudication charter formats and have internal capabilities to administer the platform.

For all situations where flexibility, customization and support are required, we will continue to offer our proven “supplier-managed” model.

As a result, more organizations will be able to use our Clinical Adjudication platform that improves data quality and patient safety in clinical trials. Increased use of eAdjudication® will benefit not only our customers but also investigators and ultimately the patients.


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