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By Ethical 12 Apr, 2022

How grateful are you for your committee members time?

Time and availability are important elements of a collaboration with busy experts. Showing gratitude to these people who find time for you certainly provides the foundation for an agreeable collaboration but are you sure you are doing enough to maximize the quality of their time with you? We’ve given some thoughts to this important question that is central to the successful management of any endpoint adjudication committee.

Take a moment to appreciate the busy lives of your endpoint adjudication committee members. While these experts are primarily physicians involved in a medical practice, they often endorse additional roles such as clinical investigators, speakers at congresses and public events, as well as authors and co-authors of scientific articles. In practice, this means that your experts are juggling every day with a busy schedule, jumping from one job to the other, perhaps also going from one office to the other. So, even if the clinical trial you’re involving them in is your main responsibility, remember that, from your experts’ point of view, the same trial is only a drop in the bucket. Always keeping in mind this reality will help avoid frustrations from both parties.

Let’s look at possible ways of keeping your endpoint adjudication committee members happy.

Improve your time management

A very first good idea would be to improve your own time management. No matter who they are, successful individuals master the art of time management. If you prove your endpoint adjudication committee members that time is as valuable for you as it is for them, showing respect for their busy schedule, you increase chances to make them happy. A few suggestions:

  • Stick to your timelines.
  • Make the most out of time spent in meetings.
  • Start and end meetings on time.
  • Make your communications simple and precise.
  • Respond promptly to your committee members.

Keep the process simple

Secondly, remember that all you want your endpoint adjudication committee members to do is to review a package of documents, ask questions if needed, receive an answer to their questions, and complete an assessment form. Even if there can be some variations, it is a simple process per se, and there is no reason to make it painful for your committee members. No matter how complex your clinical trial may be, you want your committee members to only see the tip of the iceberg.

Choose the right clinical endpoint adjudication software

Lastly, when choosing your endpoint adjudication software, pay special attention to the committee members’ interface. Endpoint adjudication committee members are above all passionate about their science, and even if their curiosity often extends to the sphere of technologies, they will prefer to not invest time and effort in learning yet how another complicated software works. Choosing a clinical endpoint adjudication software like Ethical’s eAdjudication® that has been specifically designed for maximum users’ convenience and comfort, and requiring little training will again increase your chances to keep your experts happy.

In summary, stepping into the shoes of your endpoint adjudication committee members can help you acknowledge the value of their time and motivate you to maximize the quality of their time with you. It is a good idea to start by improving your own time management, but it is also advisable to keep the endpoint adjudication process simple and use a software such as Ethical’s eAdjudication® that reflects this simplicity. Your committee members will be as grateful for your support as you are for their time! 

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