Ethical CRO-Safe Partnership Program

By Ethical 19 Jun, 2024

CRO-Safe Partner Program

The Ethical CRO-Safe Partnership Program brings Ethical’s cutting edge technology and know-how in clinical committee processes together with CROs’ business and clinical skills, under one single point of contact for Sponsors.

CROs are highly specialized organizations focused on bringing value to their customers thanks to their deep knowledge of clinical research. How could CROs further improve value for their customers and become more attractive? By deploying safe and advanced technologies such as Ethical’s that improve process compliance, help save clinicians’ time and ensure data quality.

Working together as close partners, Ethical and CROs benefit from each other’s complementary expertise: on the one hand safe, innovative technology solutions that support good clinical trial management, and on the other clinical operations, project management and business development.

Through the Ethical CRO-Safe Partnership Program, CRO Partners benefit from state-of-the art solutions, from a continuous product improvement and from multifaceted support with a flexible pricing model:

  • State-of-the-art, user-friendly software solutions designed for process compliance that help save clinicians’ time and accelerate timelines
  • Continuous product improvement maintaining software always at the forefront of technological advances and fully compliant with changing regulations
  • Multifaceted support for the deployment of the technology, staff training, first and/or second level support, dedicated communication channels and expert advice
  • Flexible pricing model that aligns to the chosen level of support

The Ethical CRO-Safe Partnership Program applies to all Ethical’s innovative, AI-powered SaaS products:

  • eAdjudication® for endpoint adjudication, patient eligibility and more
  • eDSMB® for DSMB/ DMC, Steering Committees and more
  • eDeviation® for the management of protocol deviations
  • eReconciliation® for the reconciliation of SAE data.

Depending on the CRO need, the partnership can cover one or more of these products. All Ethical tools are extremely flexible and can be quickly configured or customized to meet the needs of any CRO or Sponsor.

Ethical’s portfolio of innovative and flexible software allows CROs to provide the most up-to-date services for efficient and compliant clinical committee management. Ethical specializes in the software, so CRO partners can safely focus on the clinical business and trial operations, providing that differentiation from the competition.


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