AI clinical endpoint part 2

By Ethical 28 Nov, 2023

Embracing the potential of Artificial Intelligence in clinical development with eAdjudication (2/2)

Artificial Intelligence is in every talk these days, with more than 50% of tech companies declaring that it is their highest spending item. But have you seen it in action? Have you experienced any of its benefits or all you have seen is “smart” advertisement and “human sounding” replies from ChatGPT? AI is much more than that. In this second blogpost on the topic AI in clinical endpoint adjudication, we are looking at how Ethical’s customers are already taking advantage of AI technologies to improve performance and decrease burden.

At Ethical, we are passionate about new technologies, and we take pride in responsibly leveraging the latest innovations where they can contribute to save time and improve data quality. Over 16 years ago we created one of the very first cloud-based platforms for endpoint adjudication and today we are leading the use of artificial intelligence for clinical endpoint adjudication with four major functions: intelligent text redaction, automated QC, file search and online support. 

AI Automated Redaction: Preserving patient confidentiality, enhancing compliance

Ensuring patient confidentiality is one of the major obligations during the course of a clinical trial, and there are many risks of breaching that confidentiality either inadvertently or by intention. Ethical’s eAdjudication® platform uses natural language processing (NLP) AI algorithms to autonomously detect and redact any information that could potentially constitute personal data. This not only expedites the redaction process but also significantly mitigates the risk of inadvertent data exposure. Importantly, this feature can be seamlessly enabled at the study level, offering tailored control and security. 

AI Automated Quality control: Minimizing the margin for error

Quality Control is a notoriously painstaking operation which nevertheless is paramount to the overall quality and acceptability of adjudication outcomes which eventually become part of the clinical study results. The AI-driven QC process with eAdjudication® meticulously reviews and validates data, minimizing the margin for error. By automating repetitive tasks, our AI-driven QC process enhances efficiency, allowing users to concentrate on more intricate aspects of their work. Specifically, the AI-driven QC process includes content checks, verifying the accuracy of subject-related information in documents, and ensuring the correct association of event types with expected source documents.

AI File search: Accelerating the research process

Searching through multiple files can also be automated and driven by AI. eAdjudication® uses AI algorithms to identify and retrieve the necessary files supporting each adjudication case from its data libraries including reports, data outputs and images. Preparing and checking adjudication packages becomes a robust, flawless and quick process with minimal human intervention.

Furthermore, Ethical’s AI algorithms are able to delve into vast datasets, extracting valuable insights and patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed. For instance, reviewers can pose straightforward questions about events they are adjudicating, and the system can be configured to provide a focused view by limiting searches to submitted documents or all documents related to the same patients, offering a clearer picture. Coordinators, statisticians, and data managers, all have the possibility to analyze documents and ask questions, detecting trends and finding additional information that may be skipped by the human review.

AI Bot Support: Enhancing user experience and workflow

Finally, online support is performed by our eAdjudication® chatbot that uses smart technologies to comprehend questions and provide the best answer. Whether navigating the application, troubleshooting, or addressing queries, our AI virtual assistant ensures users have real-time access to support anytime, anywhere, expediting issue resolution and contributing to a more seamless and efficient workflow.

In conclusion, the Ethical team is proud to develop innovative technologies and customize them for our clients, leveraging AI responsibly wherever it can contribute to save time, support quality and enhance speed of development.


eAdjudication® offers such flexibility that the software configuration and support provision are tailored to exactly match your need.

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