How eAdjudication® Software Services Pricing Works

Take advantage of our modern "Consumption Based" All-Inclusive Pricing

Trials Sponsors are becoming increasingly disenchanted with meaningless software complexity, runaway software-related costs, and glacial implementation timelines.
You as Trial Leader or Provider's Project Manager need a pre-defined - well known in advance - Solution Price able to stay fixed and being optimized when your activity volume grows.

Ethical is an agile and efficient company, and that is the way we approached the design and development of our software and services. We know all the hidden costs related to software configuration, customization, deploy, training, validating and technical systems maintenance. When we say, “All-inclusive Price” we mean that we cover in our price really all these costs but leaving you the maximum of flexibility in getting exactly all you need to manage your Adjudication Study in the most effective way.

eAdjudication® Standard Service Price

Our Standard Package bundled with all service components needed to install, configure, and operate your trial with the most used Configuration.

> Unlimited User Licenses;
> Adjudication Forms Design;
> Sites' Access for Medical Records;
> Sites' Access for Queries;
> Standard Disagreement Workflow;
> Standard Quality Control;
> Submission Data Package;
> GxP validation support;
> ISO/IEC 27001 Hosting;
> Technical Systems' Management;
> User support and Help Desk; 
> Clone Validation Environment;
> Staff Training and Documents.

"On Request" Services & Personalizations

Personalizations availabe to match "REALLY" any possible Adjudication Charter Specification and Operational Environment

> Custom User Profiles;
> Custom Assessment Workflows;
> Custom Disagreement Resolution;
> Custom Reports;
> Custom Data Exports;
> Custom Quality Control;
> Custom 24/7 Support; 
> Custom Staff Trainings;
> EA Operation Management.

"On Request" Software & Data Integrations

Integrations availabe to match "REALLY" any possible Data and Trial Management Architecture

> with MEDIDATA RAVE and other most common EDC;
> With BOX and other most common CLOUD DRIVES for Document Sharing;
> with DICOM - PACS databases;
> with TRANSLATION providers' systems;
> With BLOCKCHAIN to secure AuditTrail and Documents.

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