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With Ethical’s eAdjudication® software platform, Central Endpoin Committee (CEC) members spend time making adjudication assessments instead of wasting time looking for Event Data or Medical Records. Clinical Reviewers are able to work online from any location, with any device, in a very fast and intuitive environment that needs only limited training. The system provides easy access to Event Packages from a single window optimized for use with mobile devices. Well-designed Adjudication Forms, available in the same page as the event information, facilitate sound and fast decision making.

As a Committee Member You need fast access to Event Information, well designed Adjudication Forms and a simplified way to manage your Workload. Time is your most valuable asset.

eAdjudication® platform focuses on the process of making Adjudication Assessments. The software can dynamically assign events to reviewers and send alerts for required actions. It allows Reviewers to send queries to staff and/or sites to request “more data”, it can detect Minor and Major disagreements and, if required, automatically escalate to Consensus Meetings or to different Disagreement Resolution steps.

A complete set of Features to Take Care of Your  Expert Contribution

Single View of all the Events' Workload


Simplified Event's Package Review


Custom Designed from Charter Assessment Forms


Limited Training in a dedicated Qualification Environment

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Endpoint Adjudication: Challenges for Endpoints based on Subjective Assessments

A P-VALUE IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE DATA: Challenges when Endpoints are Based on Subjective Assessments
When endpoints are based on subjective assessments rather than objective data, a process of centralized endpoint adjudication can improve the quality of a clinical trial.


Endpoint Adjudication Committees: Uppsala Clinical Research UCR provides its Feedback on eAdjudication

Uppsala Clinical Research Center (UCR), a top Academic Research Organization based in Sweden, shares its experience in using eAdjudication platform to manage the central assessment of Clinical Trial Endpoints (CEC).


DOWNLOAD the Endpoint Adjudication Charter Template. By the "Endpoint Adjudication" Linkedin Group 

In order to shed light on endpoint adjudication, the LinkedIn Endpoint Adjudication Community generated an Events Charter Template for endpoint adjudication to assist those in need of guidance.