Simplify your Endpoint Adjudication Committee (CEC) Data and Process Management

Endpoint Adjudication: Enforce Quality, Reduce Costs & Timelines with a GxP Compliant, Cost Effective Software Solution

Ethical's eAdjudication® drives and supports Central Review and Adjudication processes with a GxP - GDPR compliant Solution. From Events' Medical Records collection to Adjudication Committee oversight and  Adjudication Results Submission to FDA / EMA Regulation Authorities.


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Avoid Common Hidden Costs and Timeline Breaches in Your Endpoint Adjudication Study with the Innovative, All-Inclusive, Managed Software Service

The eAdjudication® Managed Software Service is the most efficient way for Endpoint Adjudication (CEC) Management. Working with the eAdjudication® platform and Ethical's Staff, study teams, committee members and clinical organizations interact effectively online in real-time in an user-friendly, and GxP-compliant environment, avoiding time-consuming, costly and error-prone manual processes.

eAdjudication for Endpoint Adjudication: Effective Digital Hub

Effective Digital Hub

eAdjudication® software serves as a hub to gather medical records directly from source systems and trial sites, preserving the quality and integrity of the data, and presenting it in a standardized, digital format.

eAdjudication for Endpoint Adjudication: Efficient Flexible Platform

Efficient, Flexible Platform

eAdjudication® is flexible, GXP compliant, scalable, integrates easily into any data environment, and provides real-time data and event reporting.

eAdjudication for Endpoint Adjudication: Scalable and Cost-efficient Solution

Scalable and Cost-efficient Solution

Once your eAdjudication® multi-study platform is configured, you can easily leverage your investment to use in future studies.

eAdjudication for Endpoint Adjudication: Designed for Ease of Use

Designed for Ease of Use

Ethical keeps it simple—by design. From build and deployment to use and maintenance, the eAdjudication® software is easy to adopt, integrate, and amend.

eAdjudication for Endpoint Adjudication: Endpoint Adjudication Expertise

Endpoint Adjudication Expertise

Ethical focuses primarily on EA with a platform shaped by our staff’s experience in data management for some 300 international trials at more than 10,000 investigator sites with hundreds of thousands of patients.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Benefit from Insight and Experience Gained in 300 International Clinical Trials

Ethical’s team has supported 300 international trials with more than 10,000 investigator sites and hundreds of thousands of patients.

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What Our Customers Have to Say - Loic Perchenet from Actelion Loic Perchenet, PhD
Director, Global Post-Approval Studies Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
“On-line management of Adjudication allowed rapid assessments of the study endpoints and greatly facilitated the work of the external clinical experts. The tool provided them an integrated quality controlled environment and all the information and forms required to assess the submitted endpoints."
What Our Customers Have to Say - Pernilla Holmgren from UCR Pernilla Holmgren
Coordinator Clinical Endpoint Committee, Uppsala Clinical Research Center, UCR
“By using eAdjudication solution the Endpoint Adjudication Process can be managed 100% by the web based system, without any paperwork. All documentation and information will easily be managed within the system."
What Our Customers Have to Say - Stanford Center for Clinical Research (SCCR) Stanford Center for Clinical Research (SCCR)  The Stanford Center for Clinical Research (SCCR), the academic research organization (ARO) housed within Stanford’s Department of Medicine, has adopted Ethical Clinical’s eAdjudication® cloud-based platform to manage the central assessment of clinical trial endpoints by an independent CEC (Clinical Endpoint Classification) committee.