Simplify your Endpoint Adjudication Committee (CEC) Data and Process Management

CEC Clinical Adjudication:  Improve Endpoint Adjudication management with a GxP Compliant, Cost Effective Solution

Ethical’s eAdjudication® drives and supports Central Endpoint Committees Management in a flexible standardized way. From Events' Medical Records collection to Adjudication Committee oversight and Adjudication Results Submission to FDA / EMA Regulation Authorities.

DISCOVER NOW the FEATURES and CAPABILITIES of the most FLEXIBLE and COST EFFECTIVE Solution for Clinical Endpoints Adjudication Management.

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Avoid Common Hidden Costs and Timeline Breaches in Your Endpoint Adjudication Study with the Innovative, All-Inclusive, Managed Software Service

The eAdjudication® Managed Software Service is the most efficient way for Endpoint Adjudication (CEC) Management. Working with the eAdjudication® platform and Ethical's Staff, study teams, committee members and clinical organizations interact effectively online in real-time in an user-friendly, and GxP-compliant environment, avoiding time-consuming, costly and error-prone manual processes.

eAdjudication for Endpoint Adjudication: Effective Digital Hub

Effective Digital Hub

eAdjudication® software serves as a hub to gather medical records directly from source systems and trial sites, preserving the quality and integrity of the data, and presenting it in a standardized, digital format.

eAdjudication for Endpoint Adjudication: Efficient Flexible Platform

Efficient, Flexible Platform

eAdjudication® is flexible, GXP compliant, scalable, integrates easily into any data environment, and provides real-time data and event reporting.

eAdjudication for Endpoint Adjudication: Scalable and Cost-efficient Solution

Scalable and Cost-efficient Solution

Once your eAdjudication® multi-study platform is configured, you can easily leverage your investment to use in future studies.

eAdjudication for Endpoint Adjudication: Designed for Ease of Use

Designed for Ease of Use

Ethical keeps it simple—by design. From build and deployment to use and maintenance, the eAdjudication® software is easy to adopt, integrate, and amend.

eAdjudication for Endpoint Adjudication: Endpoint Adjudication Expertise

Endpoint Adjudication Expertise

Ethical focuses primarily on EA with a platform shaped by our staff’s experience in data management for some 300 international trials at more than 10,000 investigator sites with hundreds of thousands of patients.